These songs are part from another blog "Etwinning and Ceip Graxal" which I gladly made as an answer   to the request of friends and former members of that educational community in order to explain and show the activities of the school in English subject during the school years which I had the honor to carry them out . 
      It was too, an homage to the people who collaborated  in them .

       Now,  focused on this blog "SONGS AND LYRICS" . I have to admit that the reasons to gather these songs in different labels  don´t correspond to a rational criteria but some cases such as Beatles , Stones or Creedence. They were gathered like this  because I felt like it , in that moment. So , my dear friends and visitors , don´t look for a logical criteria in the grouping . Enjoy them and , if possible , learn with them.....

My most sincere thanks to the people 
who uploaded on You Tube the lyrics of these unforgettable songs

                                       Regards .

                                                                              Carlos Sastre
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